Thursday, March 26, 2009

hace calor

Another amazing day today! We trekked out to a village called Guitarra. It was very remote but somewhat modern. (Most kids had shoes and very few looked hungry.) We set up quickly and the crowd was ready. We were pleased to see a few hundred already lined up for us.

The sun was intense today. Tom took over my table as John and Jeff needed help with crowd control. It was wonderful to spend the day in the sun but my feet paid the price...sunburn. I'm covered in hear rash too but Bryan checked it out and said it would go away. We saw about 600 today! I saw a few emotional cases. Bryan had me witness some private treatments. One vaccine (on a lady's bum!) and another in a little girl's armpit. Both were for cysts of sorts. Not pretty. I made friends with Captain, a teeny dog who couldn't have weighed more than 2lbs. He was flea-ridden and had mange but was so hard to resist. I'll have photos later!

Danielle and I braved the rough trip home riding in the back ofthe medical truck. I had already lost a battle with some metal on the truck (big bruise) but was up for a fight with the generator we were riding with. We had a great perspective of the beautiful scenery. Rolling hills, lush green, corn, cows and crazy drivers.

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