Tuesday, March 24, 2009

finding our gifts

Today was quite an adventure. We began our day at about 5:30. Laura and I hopped in the showers at the same same time and battled the hot/cold/freezing/scorching water temperament. Breakfast was great - beans, eggs and fresh fruit.

We packed up all of the medicine we had counted into the bus and 4x4 truck. I rode shotgun in the truck with Jeff, Nick, Theresa and Danielle. We chased the bus for an hour to a village of about 600 Mayans. Setup was a bit slow but we got things rolling and eventually saw about 400 people. They were quite healthy overall only needing vitamins, skincare and some general medicine. The day was hot and humid! John and Jeff did a great job organizing the hundreds into two lines for us. Each of us gravitated toward a station that either fit or challenged us. I worked on vitamins as did Peg. Kristin and Theresa did a wonderful job giving worm medicine. Danielle, Nick, Tom, Ryan, Patrick and Matt, Laura, Amy and Russel combined efforts to provide pharmacy items and skin treatments. No lice cases today...Theresa is on duty if that comes up. =)

Not a lot of introspective things to say today! I am tired, dirty and full of food. (Fried chicken, cabbage, mayo and salsa on flour tortillas today!) Tomorrow, we're off to another village near the first. Not sure what to expect. Sure to be adding more as I process all I have done and seen!

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